My Favourite Things

The lovely Sarah at Mumzilla wrote this lovely post about her favourite things and invited us to take part! The idea is to choose 5 things from your house (can be absolutely anything!) take pictures of them and then write about why you like them or what they mean to you. I really loved the idea, so here I am…

I’ve started in my living room, mainly because the downstairs of my house is mostly open plan and I don’t think there’s anything I like in my kitchen! This is where I spend all my time (really, I don’t get out much…) so it seemed a logical place to begin. Here we go!
A black suitcase with a red lining and turntable inside, playing a Beatles record next to a few records.


I’ve had this record player for a year and we have some records of our own as well as a few from my parent’s collection (thankfully my family are minor hoarders). I love listening to records, it seems a lot more active somehow – rather then passively having the iPod on in the background. My parents have all the greats too – Rolling Stones, Dylan, Beatles etc. They are loaning them to us a few at a time, I don’t think they trust us with the whole lot! The sound is amazing too and how cool is it that it’s a SUITCASE?! So I can carry it round wherever I go (I don’t actually do this, but I could).

My amazing brother in law made these bookshelves for us. I adore having all my books here as well as photos and memorabilia. It’s so nice sitting on the sofa and looking at all our memories and favourite books. The encyclopaedias are awesome, I got them from B’s family for my birthday one year. They are so gorgeous! I like to pretend it’s my own little library. It’s really cosy when we put the gas fire on, I loved sitting there when I was on maternity leave reading books and eating chocolate!

A painting in green ink on a white canvas, two adult silhouettes holding a child in between them that they are swinging
Apologies for my wonky picture taking!!

How gorgeous is this painting? My friend bought it for my birthday a few months after TM was born. It reminds me of a photo of me and my siblings walking into the sea when we were little. Apparently the artist will add to it if you want something particular on there but I actually love the simplicity of it. Check the artist, P. Spowage, out here!

A picture of 3 games - Smart Ass, Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly Deal card game

I LOVE board games and card games. So much fun!! Cards against humanity is always hilarious (though you should make sure everyone has a dark sense of humour and is not easily offended before playing) and you can’t beat a good trivia game. Apparently I am competitive but I am admitting nothing. I love it when my nieces want to play Uno or Happy Families!


My amazing niece made me this beautiful jar, filled with inspirational quotes – I had one a week for a whole year. It makes me so happy and just reminds me how very lucky I am to have such a lovely family. She is so very thoughtful!


There you have some of my favourite things! Do join in if you want to.


Cuddle Fairy
Petite Pudding


20 thoughts on “My Favourite Things

  1. I ADORE this concept.
    Lovely to read about your favourite things and get to know you a little better. I love that art piece – absolutely stunning.
    Also, your blog name made me LOL (literally). 😀

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  2. Oh your bookshelves are gorgeous! And your record player. And how fun are board games!!!? AND I really like that picture…I saw one similar somewhere when I was trying to design my blog…suffice to say I then did lots of sillohuette doodlings and landed on…oh, no sillohuettes! Your family sound fab and nice nails too Ellen! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a fun list! I love board games too but I never heard of smart ass – will have to look that one up! Love your record player & new shelves. What a lovely house you have! Thanks so much for linking up with #BloggerClubUK

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  4. How lovely! That jar is so adorable, what a sweet thing for her to do! Loving the record player too, I keep debating buying my music loving hubby one! #bloggerclubuk xx

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  5. I literally want all your favourite things in my house! I can’t decide which one I love best, that record players is fantastic and the jar of quotes it a really lovely idea. Those beautiful shelves would look great in my living room too…. #PuddingLove thanks for linking x

    Liked by 1 person

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